Wherever you are on life’s journey and whatever has led you to this point, you are not alone.

Solution-focused hypnotherapy and talking therapy are extremely effective and can help you to overcome your challenges and meet your goals.

Hypnotherapy is an extremely powerful tool for transformation. It can help you unlock the potential of your unconscious mind, enabling you to connect with your inner resources and draw connections that might not otherwise be available in your conscious mind.

As your therapist I use a variety of therapeutic techniques to help you make positive and lasting changes to your life.

Whatever it is that you want to change, move towards, leave behind, accept, or explore, you are not alone. I am here to help you.

Solution-focused hypnotherapy

Perhaps it feels like you have always struggled or perhaps one of life’s experiences has left you feeling like you need a little extra support to get back on track, regain control or find who you are again.

It maybe that you need help to overcome anxiety, stress, low mood, fears or phobias, lack of confidence or unwanted habits such as smoking, vaping, nail biting, unhealthy eating habits etc.

Or perhaps you can’t put your finger on exactly what you need support with, but just know that you need a helping hand to feel more like you again.

I offer a combination of solution-focused hypnotherapy and traditional talking therapy. Using a collaborative approach, we will explore and establish your goals of therapy, and together work towards achieving your desired outcome.

My training in psychotherapeutic approaches means I am able to work with and understand your issues on a deeper level. Using solution-focused hypnotherapy, it is my aim to understand what you want to achieve and help you get there as quickly as possible, helping you feel empowered and motivated to make the positive changes you desire

Want to find out more?

Solution-focused hypnotherapy

If you are interested in exploring how hypnotherapy can help you, then I offer a free 15 minute telephone consultation to all potential new clients.

This is an opportunity for me to explain how Hypnosis works and discuss whether Hypnotherapy is a suitable intervention for you. It is also a great opportunity for you to understand whether you would like to work with me.

The number of subsequent sessions will vary dependent upon each client.

The 15 minute consultations are completely free of charge and come with no commitment to continue with therapy.