Helen at Invigorate Therapy is fully trained to provide on-line hypnotherapy.

I work with clients from all over the UK, who access therapy via their laptops, tablets or mobile phones.

on-line hypnotherapy

I am trained to work with you remotely and provide one to one on-line hypnotherapy and talking therapy via platforms such as Zoom or VSee. These are safe and confidential platforms and offer you the flexibility of having therapy in your own home.

There is a lot of research exploring remote therapy and it indicates that it is just as effect as face to face therapy. In fact, one of the factors that can influence the effectiveness of therapy is your comfort and therefore lot of people prefer to be in familiar surroundings such as their homes. In my experience remote therapy can successfully help with a range of emotional, behavioural or physical concerns.

Accessing on-line hypnotherapy and talking therapy also means that geography and travel time need not be a barrier. It allows you to schedule your session during your lunch break or around your other commitments without having to factor travel time into your day. However, before agreeing to proceed with online therapy there are factors you should consider:

  • Do you currently feel able to discuss what might be a difficult or emotionally troubling issue with a therapist via a video call?
  • Do you have a place, or time in your home, when you can be alone and feel able to talk without being overheard or interrupted for an hour?
  • Do you have access to suitable technology, a computer or laptop or tablet that you are able to use?
  • Do you have broadband, Wi-Fi or good mobile network coverage?
  • Do you have headphones or earphones that can be used with your computer or tablet?

If you are uncertain about how to answer any of the above questions please contact me with any questions you have regarding on-line hypnotherapy.