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Hypnotherapy, hypnosis and talking therapy can help you with a wide variety of challenges and goals.

hypnotherapy hypnosis and talking therapy

Some of the challenges and goals I work with are listed below, however you may not know what you want help with and this is absolutely fine too.

For some people there may not be a specific reason for reaching out for therapy, you may just not feel yourself or may have lost sight of who you are. It maybe that you are not finding life fulfilling or are going through a particularly challenging time.

Perhaps you know that you are not feeling, thinking or behaving in the way you would like and that you need a helping hand to get back on track and feel more like you again.

If this is the case we can explore this together and I can help you identify what you would like to achieve or address.

  • Phobias
  • Weight loss
  • Sleep issues
  • Positive self view
  • Managing Pain
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Relaxation

It can be a huge relief to have the opportunity to be truly listened to, to talk to someone who is focused on understanding how you are feeling. Someone who is not there to judge you or offer an opinion, but to provide you with a safe and completely confidential space. Supporting you to unravel your thoughts, understand yourself better and understand how to move forwards in a way that is positive for you.

You do not have to be alone, I am here to help using hypnotherapy, hypnosis and talking therapy.

Please get in touch to understand how I can help you.