Hypnotherapy is an amazing technique for obtaining a deep relaxed state, to de-stress and unwind. Hypnosis for deep relaxation is one of the most underutilised techniques of selfcare.

Whilst many people turn to hypnotherapy to resolve an issue, the reality is that if your goal is to experience complete relaxation, a time to switch off your mind as well as your body, to able to feel so deeply relaxed, calm and peaceful…then hypnotherapy is a great way to achieve this!

I have many clients that initially visit me because they have a challenge they wish to resolve, however once that has been achieved, continue to see me on an ad hoc basis because they really enjoy and benefit from the deep relaxation hypnosis gives them.

Not only that, but hypnosis distorts how we experience time, so an hour of hypnosis, has been equated to having 8 hours sleep!

Taking time out to switch off can stimulate creativity, productivity and concentration. It can help to prevent stress and is an excellent form of selfcare.

So next time you think about booking yourself into a spa or for a massage, perhaps try hypnosis?

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