how much does hypnotherapy cost?

How much does hypnotherapy cost?

General Hypnotherapy

Your first session will last up to 90 minutes and any subsequent sessions will be 60 minutes.

I work in this way as I want to ensure I fully understand your goals and motivation for change in your first session, however it is important that we also have time to start working on obtaining your desired changes.

Regardless of why you are seeking hypnotherapy (other than smoking cessation) I have a standard fee of £60 per session (regardless of length).

I find that the majority of people request sessions once a fortnight, this allows a period of time in between sessions to implement any actions and notice any changes.

Some people see immediate changes, for others it can take a little longer – there is no one size fits all, hence the reason I do not offer packages that have a standard number of sessions (excluding smoking cessation).

During your initial consultation I can provide you with an estimated number of sessions, however there is never any obligation to commit to a certain number of a bookings.

Long Term Hypnotherapy

Some people, having achieved their goals continue to attend follow up sessions on an ad hoc basis because they enjoy the benefits they get from obtaining a deep trance. Hypnotherapy can be an amazing technique for obtaining deep relaxation, boosting confidence, preparing for future life events and supporting the formation of healthy habits.

Smoking Cessation

This package consists of two x 90 minute sessions, held approximately one week apart.

For less than the cost of 1 month’s worth of cigarettes you can become a non-smoker!

The Bespoke Smoking Cessation package at Invigorate Therapy costs £249. Some clients like to pay for the package on their credit card and then pay the balance the following month with the money they have saved by being a non-smoker.

Group Sessions

I do not offer discounted group sessions, as your experience is tailored to you.

To ensure you get the most out of your experience all hypnosis scripts are developed specifically for each client. I understand that you are utterly unique and that a one size fits all approach is not as effective as a truly bespoke experience.

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